Governing the Energy Transition: Decentralized Actors, Digitalization, Financing

The Sustainable Energy System of the Future: Polycentric and Digital

For the energy transition in Germany to succeed, the energy system must be redesigned: On the one hand, many decentralized actors must be integrated, both technically and organizationally. On the other hand, the newly emerging polycentric energy system must be designed in a sustainable way - in other words, higher-level rules should focus on ecological, economic and socially just implementation. How do current framework conditions and institutions have to change for this? In six qualifiying theses, the SteuerBoard Energie junior research group is investigating how digital applications can support this change process and what kind of financing options are available.

The Project


The project explores how digitization is changing the governance of the energy transition.




How will the transformation of the energy system be financed? SteuerBoard Energie examines different options.




Many steering actors at different levels need a regulatory framework. The SteuerBoard Energie project is investigating how.




Publication of energy services of neighborhood storage and the potentials of a multi-use concept published

A study by junior research group PhD candidate Jan Wiesenthal (IÖW) and co-author Frieder Schnabel (Fraunhofer IAO) investigated the extent to which multi-use of battery storage systems can increase profitability and efficiency. The results have now been published in a pre-reviewed journal article at Atlantis Press.



Exchange on community energy and energy cooperatives in Poland and Germany


At the end of 2021, Tomasz Marzec from Adam Mickiwicz University in Poznań visited Lars Holstenkamp's seminar on Energy Communities across Europe. Tomasz Marzec exchanged views on energy communities in Germany and Poland with the research group. His conclusion: things are happening in terms of community energy in Poland - although at a slower pace than in Germany.




Digital Advisory  Board Meeting of the Research Group


On 5 October 2021, the research group met with the project advisory board, consisting of representatives from business, civil society organisations and scientific institutions, for a joint digital advisory board meeting. Some members of the research group presented their first interim results....