Publications at Magazines

Jan Knoefel, Frieder Schnabel: Community-based electricity storage in the neighborhood (only in german)
The paper presents potential grid and system services that can be provided by neighborhood storage in addition to self-consumption enhancement in a multi-use context.

Jan Knoefel, Frieder Schnabel (2021): Gemeinschaftlich genutzte Stromspeicher im Quartier. Transforming Cities 2021 2, S. 54-57,
Knoefel_Jan_TranCit 2-2021_Gemeinschaftl
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Presentations at public events

Jan Knoefel: Presentation: Multi use of Cummunity Energy Storage
The poster visualizes the core results of a study on the possible applications and combinability of energy services of neighborhood storage systems.

Jan Knoefel, 16.3.2021
knoefel_jan_Multi use of Community Energ
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