Application process and open slots

  • Application is open from 27.4.2023 – 7.6.2023 (only 25 seats available)!
  • To participate, fill out this form and tell us a little about yourself and why you want to participate.
  • If you would like to organize a session on a topic of your interest, please tell us a little about your idea in the form, including topic, time slot, duration, and formats. We will get back to you to discuss the details, when we choose your topic (see “Open slots  How can I contribute?” below).
  • If you are chosen to participate, we will send you a short survey with information we need for better coordinating the summer school program.
  • By sending back the survey you bindingly register for the summer school.
  • If you realize that you won't be able to participate, please let us know as soon as possible so we can give your place to someone else.

Apply now via this form until the 7th of June latest.

Any questions regarding the application? Send us an e-mail to:

You will get feedback from us soon.

Open slots – How can I contribute?

In our schedule are open slots where you can apply to present and discuss a topic of your choice. Be it your Master or PhD topic or another area of your interest in context with the theme of the summer school.


The slots are 90 minutes, but can be divided in two sessions of 45 minutes. You can organize your session alone or together with other participants (See “exchange and organization”).


Open slots are parallel with up to two other sessions. You can state your preference when your session should be in the schedule, but we cannot ensure that we can consider all wishes. All participants will be free to choose sessions.


We will provide a room with projector and speakers, a whiteboard and flip chart – please let us know in advance if you would need any other technical equipment or other material.


If you want to invite external speakers, you will have to organize this yourself. For someone giving an online-input (e.g. via Zoom) we can help you setting up the technical equipment.


Are you interested? Just include your idea/your topic and a draft of the session (content, duration, formats, needs) in your application in this form.


When your topic is chosen, we will contact you to talk about the details of your session. Together we can figure out when it fits best and how we organize everything together.


You have questions regarding the open slots or the perfect idea came to you after you already applied? Feel free to contact us via