Organizational issues

Travel & orientation

Campus map and important locations of the SummerSchool Energy at Leuphana University Lüneburg

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How to get there

We recommend you to travel with public transport as it is more sustainable an parking options around the city and university are limited.



From Lüneburg train station (bus-stop "Lüneburg ZOB") you can take the bus 5011 (direction "Eintracht Sportplatz") to bus-stop "Blücherstraße" or the buses 5012 (direction "Bernhard-Riemann-Straße"), 5020  (direction "Schützenstraße, Deutsch Evern") or 5600  (direction "Schulzentrum, Embsen") to university (bus-stop "Universitätsallee"). Both the DB website or app and HVV website or app work well for checking bus schedules in Lüneburg.


Local bikes for rent

You can also register for the red city bikes that can be rented for 10ct/min (or 30 minutes free time if you choose the tariff with €5 annual fee) at a stations around the city (eg. train station, city centre, university) and have to be returned to a station. This is a very good option for the evenings, as buses run only until 9 pm and also works for city bikes in Hamburg.

Costs & catering

Participation at our summer school is free of charge, but you will have to pay your travel and accommodation costs as well as your meals.

There will be water, tea and coffee and some snacks supplied.


The accommodation and breakfast is to be organized by everyone individually. However, we reserved a hotel contingent (see below “Accommodation”).


For lunch we will go together to the Leuphana mensa (main dish ~3€ for students) and everyone chooses and pays for themselves. Please note that the mensa only accepts cash.  It is also allowed to bring own food/drinks and join the group tables.


For dinner and the evening program we will book some restaurants/venues but it is free for everyone to join. You will have to pay for what you eat/drink and possible participation/entry costs of the venues.


Germany is still using a lot of cash so be sure to bring some €€€.


As the summer school has no participation-fees, we cannot offer you accommodation. However, we would like everyone to stay in Lüneburg, so we can enjoy the evenings together.

We reserved a hotel-contingent at the B&B Hotel Lüneburg (An der Wittenberger Bahn 3, 21337 Lüneburg). Those are twin-rooms at 79,82€ per night (including breakfast) if you book them alone or 43,16€ per night (including breakfast) if you share the room. To find someone for sharing a room see below “exchange and organization”.


The rooms can be booked via mail at or telephone +49 (0) 4131 855 282-0 using the keyword “SummerSchool Energie” and are available until the 17th of July 2023. We recommend booking via phone and asking for an email-confirmation.


There are also some other hotels and hostels like the “Salzquartier” or AirBnB options in Lüneburg. We recommend you stay close to the central station or city center, so you can navigate the city together and don’t have to travel to far after the evening program.


Master's students: You might get funding for the summer school from your home university. Let us know if you need any official document for applying for funds.


If you are working in a research project and need some further information to account this travel as a research stay, feel free to contact us

Exchange and organization

To organize a session, arrange accommodation or just to get to know each other before, we would like to offer an online board.

The link for this will be provided to approved applicants after the selection process.

If you are searching for someone to share a room with or organize a session you can up your request/topic and contact/e-mail address there.